Pornography: Conclusion And Compromise


Pornography threatens our solution to the social problem that every society must solve. Pornography poses a threat to marriage and threatens the ability of men and women to commit together for life in sexual exclusivity.

From Scott Yenor:

Consumption of pornography erodes the connections and habits central to marriage and family life. Those who consume pornography are more likely to be concerned with personal pleasure and sexual orgasm and to be skeptical of connections between love, marriage, and reproduction (on one hand) and sex (on the other), just as the revolutionaries hoped and regulation advocates feared. Mark Regnerus shows in his book Cheap Sex that those who view pornography regularly are more likely to support same-sex marriage, to affirm the equivalence of same-sex and opposite-sex couples, to have fewer inhibitions about sex with children, and to believe that being a stay-at-home mother is bad. A population increasingly taken with these attitudes is less likely to support the laws or mores that are needed to promote married life.

The conservative conclusion is that pornography is wrong and should not be socially-approved.


There is no obvious conservative compromise for pornography. For the protection of women and children, pornography must be universally rejected by society and, just like in many countries, should be illegal.