Multiple Incomes


P1. More parents in a relationship likely means more incomes

P2. Polyamorous relationships have more parents in the relationship compared to monogamous relationships 

C. Therefore polyamorous relationships likely mean more incomes than monogamous relationships


Although this argument does not specifically refer to marriage, the intended implication is that we should promote relationships which make more incomes more likely. Alternatively the argument intends to counter any arguments that polyamory is harmful.

The argument is appealing because:

  • Child poverty is an issue
  • Many families do not have enough incomes
  • In most families, two parents working brings in more money than if only one parent worked 
  • There is an intuitive link that more family incomes are generally good for reducing child poverty 

While the argument may be successful for a relationship of three men compared to a relationship of two men, many polyamorous marriages would likely be one man and multiple women, each with their own children, resulting in less incomes per person.