Gender Imbalance


P1. There would be a gender imbalance if it is legal for men to marry multiple women

P2. Polyamorous marriage makes it legal for men to marry multiple women 

C. Therefore there would be a gender imbalance if polyamorous marriage is legal


The majority of polyamorous relationships are polygynist with one man and multiple wives. Promoting polyamory as marriage would likely result in a large number of single men, which is problematic, as demonstrated in polygynist communities. Rose McDermott writes:

Polygynist cultures need to create and sustain an underclass of unmarried and undereducated men, since in order to sustain a system where a few men possess all the women, roughly half of boys must leave the community before adulthood. Such societies also spend more money on weapons and display fewer social and political freedoms than do monogamous ones.

When small numbers of men control large numbers of women, the remaining men are likely to be willing to take greater risks and engage in more violence, possibly including terrorism, in order to increase their own wealth and status in hopes of gaining access to women.