Reduces Accountability


P1. No-fault divorce reduces accountability for committing adultery

P2. Reducing accountability for committing adultery will likely make committing adultery more socially acceptable

C. Therefore no-fault divorce will likely make committing adultery more socially acceptable


From Patricia Morgan:

[T]he presentations for ‘no fault’ divorce fail to explain what a “solemn commitment” in marriage is really a commitment to. If matters like adultery, desertion and bad behaviour are removed as reasons for divorce, then sexual faithfulness, mutual care, co-existence and consideration are hardly required for marriage any more or less than any other criteria. It certainly looks as if people are released from responsibility and any vows they might have made – should these still exist. Is the presumption really that everybody will or can just make up their own rules as they go along or behave as their inclinations take them? Will marriage be automatically, for example, construed as ‘open’ to concurrent sexual relationships if this is the personal preference of a partner, where the other can walk away if they object that this isn’t their scene?