Abortion Equivalent


P1. Abortion is the deliberate killing of a human life in the womb

P2. Some forms of contraception deliberately kill a human life in the womb

C. Therefore some forms of contraception are equivalent to abortion


Susan Wills, J.D., LL.M. comments:

To summarize: It is possible that Plan B may delay ovulation when given before or at the beginning of the fertile period, when the chance of pregnancy is slim to none, and therefore, it is not “needed” to prevent pregnancy. When given after intercourse in the fertile period and before the LH peak that triggers ovulation, Plan B fails to act as a contraceptive 80-92% of the time; it acts instead as an abortifacient, eliminating all embryos likely to have been conceived. When given on the day of ovulation or later to prevent pregnancy from intercourse during the fertile period, it almost always fails to prevent established pregnancies.