Vicious Circle


P1. Abortion devalues human life

P2. Devaluing human life leads to more abortions

C. Therefore abortion lead to more abortions


Abby Johnson Kentucky Senate Testimony February 14, 2019

This argument does not claim that abortion leads to an increase (or exponential rise) in abortions but rather the very practice of abortion perpetuates the practice of abortion by devaluing human life and affecting future decisions on the ethics of abortion.

While a baby in the womb may be given many different labels, it is intuitively understood that an abortion ends a human life rather than the life of another species. Common labels for a baby in the womb:

  • Product of conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy tissue

Ending a human life, with the support of the state, devalues human life. This in turn affects future decisions on the ethics of ending a human life in the womb.